Asian Films

Lesboscenes (lesbian scenes from films)

 Here we have collected the lesbian scenes from mainstream, erotic, and misc asian films.  The movies are categorized according to the title and the asian scenes are categorized on their own.  The thing with Asian films is that all the pixelation occurs on hardcore scenes therefore much of them are cut out of the clips.  The movies are updated on a weekly basis and along with your membership to lesboscenes you also get access to as well. 

Dildobj (lesbian dildo play and others)

Due to the censorship in Japan, the adult movies or AV as it has been known in the country had to be very creative when it comes to enticing the fan of the oral. Therefore, a lot of scenes that feature women suggestively licking or sucking an object have been featured in the adult movies to satisfy the fans who despise the pixeled censors. Yet, through this creativeness it created another fetish where using the imagination and sometimes for a lack of a better word desire of not seeing a dude's schlong all over the screen were satisfied.